Tailoring based Zen philosophy for its emphasis on practice and experiential wisdom.

Experience of the Team starts from the launch of the World’s First Mobile Network in Finland to latest Mobile and Data Networks for Corporation and Operators in numerous countries all over the World.

ZenNets is a technology agnostic E2E Network Design and Develoment expertise team for New Technologies.

Our history

Opex Optimisation

Operator operational & rollout cost reduction and new service launch traffic simulation consultancy

End to End Network Design

Nationwide Operator MNO design and planning for RAN, IP Transport & Core and Network Launch

OpenRAN & CORE Test Environment

Private 4G/5G and WiFi 6 Network experience test. Application development and service test environment.

Our services

OpenRAN & Core market

Covering technology agnostic Techno-Economical Consultancy via leading industry experts.

5G towards 6th generation

ZenNets has its service creation environment towards 6th Generation networks.

Microservice development

Expand your service offerings, tap into new tech expertise and automatize services processes.


Some insight

New technology RFQ Support

Providing technical support for Operators defining of requirements, during new technology RFQ process

Design of Private Networks

Private Networks: LTE/5G and WiFi 6 networks design and solution based on customer needs​.

Customized Apps Development

Microservice application development co-operation with customer organisation on Top of Private Network design.

Our skills

A technology agnostic E2E Network Design and Development expertise team for new technology solutions according to customers’ needs.